STRAYA, that is how the locals say it. Yes from the day I started planning for an Australian trip to end my year 2017, I literally ended up declaring research data about what not to do in Australia. It was not intentional but all because of the Australian way of life. . When I applied for the Australian visa I understood how difficult it’s going to be when I will be on my own in Australia. It took almost 2 days to complete my visa application.

I started planning for Australia on September, 2017. I drenched myself into you tube, google maps, chrome and all other online research tools. Then I applied for Visa on October and it took 20 days for my visa to get approved and finally I was all packed up and ready to fly on December 24th,2017. Yes for Christmas (proudly). Here are my WHAT NOT TO DO’S in AUSTRALIA.

  • Do not travel to Australia on two occasions. One is during the international insane festival times like Christmas and New years eve and the second is during December to February.


Sarcastically Australian skies doesn’t have ozone layer. Needless to say the sun hits you directly. Plus people from around the world fly into Sydney for New year as if they had never celebrated new year in their life (this includes me)

  • DO NOT pay for your travel in city trams inside MELBOURNE CBD (Central Business District)

Yes, you read it right. If you want to travel and explore the streets of Melbourne use the heritage city circle NO.35 trams as well as the modern trams. All the tram stopping are clearly marked as free tram zones. But note if you are hopping into a tram in free tram zone and hopping out at non free zone you will have to pay for your journey. Double check the free zone maps else you will end up paying huge fines. Australian rule books are known for hefty fines.


  • DO NOT use public transit system to and from airport. Australians consider themselves their airports as a premium location and you will have to pay an extra 13$ for a 3$ worth journey.

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If you want to travel from Sydney airport to Sydney central station by NSW train it will cost you 3$+13$=16$. And surprisingly there are no one way tickets or a return tickets available for public transports. I had to use opal card to travel in Sydney public transports. It includes all trains, buses, trams and ferries. *card types differ by cities you travel.  Recharge your opal card travel like the locals do.

I got a loop hole tip from my friend to travel cheap to Sydney airport from anywhere in the city. I heard almost all people in Sydney be it Australian citizens or tourists uses this trick to escape from hefty premium location fares.  All I had to do is keep minimum value in my opal card. I kept remaining 1.5$ in my card. Board any train running to airport, get down tap off the card and the machine’s screen will show you -14.5$ remaining. Just say a goodbye to Sydney throw the card into dustbin and flee.

Another interesting  thing I noticed with Sydney, NSW railways was they where very punctual. To be precise they are 2nd most punctual railways in the world next to Japanese railways.

“DO NOT spend more than one hour in a single attraction or a place

if you are travelling by public transport”. Applicable only in Sydney.

Also NSW state government has made some interesting offers for their people. No no definitely not like Indian state governments.  For example, if you make 12 trips in a week using your Opal card then remaining trips on that week will be free. Travelling from from point A to point and you return back from point within one hour then your return journey is free. I was lucky when in Sydney. I completed my 12 trips before new year’s eve and my trips on 31st December was surprisingly free.


  • DO NOT use your mobile data when you are in Brisbane city. The capital city of Queensland state. Also don’t pay and use lounges at the airport.

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“As Brisbane is a developing city of Australia we offer high speed free wifi around Brisbane city”


But that’s not true, not at all. I found Brisbane was already a decade ahead. Very tranquil city, very polite people, not so busy roads, less polluted by tourists all together makes Brisbane my favourite city in Straya. Also when you are travelling or transiting through Brisbane airport don’t waste dollars in pay and use lounges. Instead make use of flat beds provided all over the airport. There are no chairs available but many beds/sofas are laid. Just lay back and enjoy your time.


  • DO NOT rent a self drive car in Australia

Beware of speed cameras

If you are from a country where the traffic and road rules are followed then its pretty much fine to drive in Australia. But something like my country? Strictly no. In India we don’t have any specific speed limits. Even though if there is a limit we tend to disobey the rule. But I can’t do the same in someone else’s home. Hence I studied a lot about driving in Australian roads. I saw many you tube videos on How to drive in AUSTRALIA? After convincing myself I booked a prestigious Audi A4 (only prestigious) for a day. I drove to great ocean road and back. Everything went well and I returned the car safely. After five months of my Australia trip, precisely on may 7th I got a letter from Australian police department. A fine ticket for crossing the speed limit. Yes I broke the speed limit by 3kms/hr. Speed limit was 105 km/hr and I drove at 108 km/hr. I got a hefty 200$ fine for speeding by 3 km/hr. Those police guys  I had to appreciate them. They spent time and money to send me the letter all the way from Melbourne to my home in India.


If at all you are vehement driver from a strict rule following country then driving in Australian roads will be sure fun. But still beware of tiny speed cameras.


Though I did not explore Australia in a substantial way, I studied a lot from their people, culture etc.,



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