Visiting interesting heritage places, scuba diving, sky jump,creating your own adventure way of travel, interacting with the strangers, experiencing different cultures, food, climate.. etc,  all this may sound fiction or filmy, but when you get out and move your feet towards your desire you will get to feel your own heaven


At the age of 27 I had traveled  around 4% of the world. To be precise I had traveled twelve countries so far, eight European ( including England )   and four Asian countries.


In the year 2013 I had traveled 5600 kms by road within India, some good stretch in Europe of around 2800 kms and over 9000 nautical miles. Its been four years since I stepped on a foreign soil. The wait is over. Yes, Once again I’m flying to Malaysia and Thailand but this time to different destinations with more adventures.

I had been studying about lots of travel hacks, travel tips, travelling smart or whatever geeks say. Also I had figured my own hacks for travelling cheap and luxury. I had developed lots of foreign contacts to help finish my imminent trots safe and memorable. Actually I have few travel partners. Actually my friends. Raja Mohammed (I.A.S Aspirant) crazy fellow who always push me to the extreme travel experiences and a never ending pair while on feet. And this guy M.BABU ABDUL KHADEER ( I.R.P.S ) who always tempts me to do crazy things like he did to write this post. Raja is already in Kuala lumpur (MALAYSIA) now. He will be helping me with some contacts for stay and he will be flying to Phuket (THAILAND). I will be joining him next month .

Our prime motive towards the globe-trot-with-me is to join hands with friends, strangers whoever wants to get to their dream destination. Just think about travelling or exploring a set of countries with a total stranger. Funny right? Of course it will be fun.

We are going to create a public forum. whoever is interested can register with us. We help each other share all our tips and experiences, book bunch of flights and fly the world. Since this is our first post we will be updating elaborate travelogues and information about our future trips and all other travel information in our future posts.


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Unreal dreamer who always dreams about globetrotting. Trying hard to make it real

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